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Innovator, Inventor, and Entrepreneur, Nathan Schulhof Available for Bookings on his “Jane Stop this Crazy Thing” Tour for FREE!

Innovator, Inventor, and Entrepreneur, Nathan Schulhof Available for Bookings on his “Jane Stop this Crazy Thing” Speaking Tour for FREE!

Never Before Approach Created by Mark Sonder Productions Partnering with a Corporate Sponsor




This type of booking has never been done before in the meeting, event, and hospitality fields and is only possible through the collaboration with Mark Sonder Productions and a corporate sponsor to deliver the product to you at no cost!  Talent fee, commission, round trip transportation and hotel accomodations are all being picked up for the client throughout the end of 2013!

Mark Sonder, MM, CSEP and the Chief Entertainment Officer at the premier talent agency Mark Sonder Productions, Inc. is proud to announce that his office is sending out the inventor of the MP3 Player, Nathan Schulhof, on tour. As Nathan has a sponsor, the cost to any presenting group will be zero.

Even with the great demand to hear from a man like Nathan we can still accommodate more dates, especially in California. Please call 540-636-1640 to book him today.

Mr. Schulhof will be presenting to groups for approximately 1 hour. During that session he will have an open discussion on a number of varying topics of interest to inquisitive people as to where technology was and what to expect in the future.

This offering is ideal for corporate, nonprofits, fundraisers, and elite clubs looking for a free event speaker for their meetings, conventions, trade shows, expositions, special events or functions. A speaker of this caliber available at no charge is sure to boost attendance for any type of event.

General Outline:
• “Jane, stop this crazy thing!” An Introduction
• Thoughts behind the creation of the MP3 Player
• What is innovative and helping people today?
• What innovations will there be in the future?

Discussion on Today’s High Profile Topics:
• Biotech/Medicine/Healthcare
• Phone Companies – remote control communication via the internet
• Embryo stem cells in animal and human trials, new techniques and treatments for cancer
• Patented technology that exist today that backs up a person’s immune system for 20 years without degradation for use when an illness arises that damages a healthy immune system. Currently being used in US, France and Dubai.
• Energy/Green Energy/Green Technology: The Coming Revolution in Low Voltage Technology
• Developed technologies in gas/oil/coal/wind/solar
• Technologies that are currently being used by military and commercial entities
• In 2010 formed Solar Components – the leading solar low voltage personal charger that actually works. It was rated #1 by C-Net and Gadget and sold throughout the world.

What Nathan is doing in the future:
• Future Technology Company
• The future and what it holds: How content on TV will change
• Education is the most important tool to take control of a person’s life.
• By knowing what the future holds people can invest and create businesses, financial security for their family and be on the cutting edge of technology and green energy.
To book Mr. Schulhof for your group at no fee, please contact: Mark Sonder at 540-636-1640 or msonder@marksonderproductions.com

About Mark Sonder Productions
Mark Sonder Productions is a privately held company that was founded in 1985. It’s an award winning entertainment agency, which has more than 28 years of contracting experience, specialized in events, meetings, conventions, trade shows, expositions, concert and casino facilities worldwide, as seen in The Boston Globe, The San Francisco Chronicle, The Miami-Herald, United Press International, as well as on FOX and CBS Money Watch. Mark Sonder Productions offers exclusive and non-exclusive relationships with headliners, musicians, comedians, theatrical productions and lecturers. The chief entertainment officer, Mark Sonder, is an entertainment industry expert and he has represented clients and end users in the U.S.A. and abroad. For more information, please visit http://marksonderproductions.com or call +1-540-636-1640.

Citations:  Please note, this blog has been republished from press releases and articles from The Boston Globe, Miami-Herald, San Francisco Chronicle, Worth Magazine, Hollywood Industry Magazine, San Jose Mercury News, LA Daily News, and over 100 other media outlets.

Photo: Nathan Schulhof

* The name of the tour is a quotation from the cartoon series The Jetsons as George, while walking his pooch, screams at Jane about their treadmill running amuck!

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Forward-Thinking / Cutting Edge

Forward-Thinking / Cutting Edge

Entertainment for 2013

nathanheadphonesMusicians and entertainers have always been at the cutting edge of the global and political spectrum.  Hence the phrase, “Life imitates Art,” or is it, “Art imitates Life?  Now, the fans way in as well.

For example, when it comes to renewable energy sources, The Bonnaroo Music and Arts Festival, one of the leading music festivals in the USA, is continuing its commitment towards sustainability with the installation of an array of permanent solar panels at the festival site in Tennessee.  The new solar photovoltaic system will generate approximately 61,000 kilowatt hours per year and support about 20% of the festival’s annual electricity needs.

Who paid for this?  The solar project was fully funded by “opt-in” donations that are available to Bonnaroo fans during the ticket purchase process!  In previous years, the proceeds from this opt-in donation has been used to fund the compost pad, the garden, and last year’s mobile tower of power.

SexationPink“Running part of Bonnaroo on solar power has long been a goal, as it underscores the commitment of Bonnaroo organizers and our community to the environment,” said festival partner Rich Goodstone.  “None of this could have been possible without the immense support of the generous and forward-thinking Bonnaroo community. Their contributions have brought this project to fruition.”

Mark Sonder Productions applauds this action and forward-thinking people.  Hence our commitment to bring you forward-thinking people and entertainers as well, for example, Mark Sonder, CEO of the company is an investor at Solar Components; keynote speaker, solar panel and new life battery executive Nathan Schulhof (the inventor of the MP3 Player); in addition to a hot young sensation who brings to the US the cutting edge music of the European Dance Clubs, DJ Sexation.


Call on Mark Sonder Productions to deliver forward-thinking entertainment to your meetings and special events around the world.  Call today +1-540-636-1640.

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Speakers are Entertainers Too: Boosting Attendance and Excitement for Your Event

Speakers are Entertainers Too

Boosting Attendance and Excitement for Your Event

Meetings provide the networking and educational tools people need to be successful. The importance of finding the right speaker to facilitate the learning process can’t be overestimated, but promoting your speaker once you’ve found her/him is just as critical. Here are some tips from the National Speakers Association (NSA) on how to build excitement and registration numbers once you have found the perfect expert for your group.

Tantalizing Titles Get off to a strong start by assuring the session has a catchy title, advises Chris Clarke-Epstein, CSP. “Start with a short, spiffy and clever title followed by a subtitle that explains the benefit of the session.”  For example: Learn How to Increase Your Chances of Winning The Lottery.

Work Your Web Site and Create a Buzz with email familiarity breeds attendance, and your association’s Web site is a great tool to introduce your speaker to your potential audience. Jeff Blackman, JD, CSP, offers the following tips to help you make the most your association’s technologies.

RichardLustigWebPost a detailed description of the session and the speaker on your site. Photos of the speaker in action are a good addition. You can also ask your speaker to provide you with audio or video excerpts from a previous presentation to promote the program before the event. Be sure to provide your members with a link from your site to the speaker’s Web site. For example, www.marksonderproductions.com/richard-lustig. “Members can learn more about the speaker or obtain additional content before and after the program.”

When your event is over, Blackman also suggests posting audio or video excerpts from the session to reinforce the program’s key points and educate members who were unable to attend.

If your organization or client has an online book or tape store, feature your speaker’s materials prior to the presentation. If you have a chat room or bulletin board, consider slating some time for your members to chat with your presenter. A speaker will use this opportunity to get to know your member’s concerns and questions and customize his or her speech accordingly. Your audience will appreciate the opportunity to learn and participate. For example Richard has both a book as well as an audio book on CD.

Word of Mouth Consider having the speaker address other groups within your organization. Often, a speaker will negotiate fees when you book her for a number of presentations. Company newsletter editors often need additional material for their newsletters, so look into submitting an article on or from your presenter.

The Write Stuff Chances are your presenter has written many articles or has videos of media interviews on the subject at hand. You can also ask the speaker to craft a customized article for your group or have a member of your staff conduct an interview. Not only do these articles make a great addition to your organization’s publication; they might also be a good fit for the publications of other industry-related associations you are building relationships with. Provide links to the articles on your Web site as well. This builds the speaker’s credibility and offers value-added information for your attendees.

If your speaker is published, use the speaker’s book to build excitement for the presentation. You can give attendees the book when they register. For added panache, have a book waiting to greet members in their hotel room along with a welcome letter from your president or CEO. “Books can even be personalized…depending on the size of the group,” says Blackman.

The Media: Get Ready Gather everything you need to promote your speaker to the media. Request that the speaker provide you with photos. They can be black and white or color, either head shots or action shots. Have the photo scanned and saved as a TIFF file. For Web publishing, 72 dots per inch (DPI) will be fine. For print, save the image at 300 DPI. For example, due to the recent PowerBall craze Richard has given MANY interviews to all the big networks on TV and on cable.

The speaker should also provide you with a short biography and a brief write-up on the program including keypoints, what the attendees will learn and why the he or she is qualified to speak on the topic.

Prior to the event, send a short news release to the calendar editors at local daily newspapers and industry-related publications. Invite key editors to attend the event and make sure they get a copy of the program and other promotional materials. Contact local print and broadcast media to arrange interviews for your speaker and your key leaders.

The Media: Get Set Find out when your speaker is going to arrive and when he or she is available for interviews. Keep a close eye on the news the week of your event. Is there a way to tie your speaker’s expertise into a current news peg? For instance, if your speaker’s area of expertise is the lottery, perhaps he can talk about the regulations in your state. If you want local media to cover the speech, you must determine the news angle and pitch it hard. Think about what events would generate good photos or visuals for television cameras. Make follow-up calls to make sure the journalists have the information you sent them. Find out if the speaker has a publicist or PR firm and if so, partner with them on generating publicity. You want to get exposure for your group as well as the event, so give your speaker some short key messages to prepare them.

The Media: Go! On the day of the event, messenger packages to key media. Write a media alert telling them who, what, when, where and, most importantly, why their audience needs to know about your event and your speaker. Add some goodies such as the speaker’s book, a video, a program and your client or organization’s press kit and stuff it all in an attractive portfolio, preferably one with your group’s logo.

Finally, be prepared for the media when they arrive on site. Have one of your staff or a trusted volunteer free to squire them around. Introduce them to the subjects they need for interviews. Have a good place in mind to conduct the interviews and take photos, ideally with your client or organization’s name or logo in the background.

The Party’s Over Professional speakers know that a program is not a one-time event but an ongoing process. They will often offer to send an e-mail to attendees with some value-added links to additional information. Your attendees should be able to benefit from the presentation long after it is over, and your organization should continue to gain exposure as well. Look for anecdotes from your attendees about how they were touched or motivated by the session. How do they plan to implement what they have learned? Select the best photos and combine them with after-the-event news releases for ongoing exposure.

NOTE: Richard is the first and only 7 Time Lottery Game Grand Prize Winner.  His 1 hour presentation is both entertaining as well as educational.  To engage him please call today +1-540-636-1640.

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