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Blogging on a Book: “Event Entertainment and Production” Written by Award Winning Music & Entertainment Super Agent Mark Sonder, Ten Years Later

Blogging on a Book: “Event Entertainment and Production” Written by Award Winning Music & Entertainment Super Agent Mark Sonder, Ten Years Later

Author Mark Sonder CSEP book still relevant in the meetings, events, hotel and hospitality industries a decade after publication.


BookCoverFinal2Author, speaker, super agent and lecturer Mark Sonder, MM, and Certified Special Events Professional as well as President of the award winning music and talent agency Mark Sonder Productions, Inc. is proud to announce the 10th Anniversary of the John Wiley & Son’s publication of his first book, “Event Entertainment and Production.”

This 433 page hard cover book has become the best form of “how to” book on the subjects of music, entertainment and production for meetings, conventions, trade shows, expositions, and events around the world and has already been translated and published in Russia.

Used by colleges and universities around the world in their hospitality management diploma programs, this relevant text still provides the necessary skills and written experiences required to plan and execute a successful program using entertainment and production support.

Furthermore, Sonder is a Lecturer in Tourism Studies at The George Washington University’s Master of Tourism Administration degree as well as their Event Management Certificate program.

“I am so honored that many of my colleagues have supported me throughout my continuing career and this book,” said Mark.  Some of those testimonials are below:

“Mr. Sonder has crafted an important new body of work which is an essential for every event professional.”
—Richard Aaron, CMP, CSEP, President, BizBash Media

“I think it’s a quality piece of work that is a strong education tool. Anyone interested in producing great events should have it in their library.”
—Vincent Alonzo, editor-in-chief, Successful Meetings Magazine

MarkSonderBW“I always feel like I’m in good hands when working with Sonder…Mark really knows his stuff.”
—Eddie Money, recording artist

Patti Shock calls Mark, “…one of the country’s leading suppliers of headline entertainment for meetings and events. Clearly Sonder’s book is still relevant today as a basis and foundation for event entertainment and production.”

“Happy New Year and Happy tenth anniversary Mark! Yes indeed, your book is an industry classic. Your work has truly touched the world! This book is the most comprehensive compendium of entertainment and production art and science that has ever been assembled.”
—Professor Joe Goldblatt, PhD., CSEP, FRSA, father of the Special Events Industry

If it is not already on your shelf, here is the information you need:
Title: Event Entertainment and Production
Author: Mark Sonder, MM, CSEP
Publisher: Wiley & Sons, Inc.
Copyright: 2004
ISBN: 0-471-26306-0

Order directly from Amazon.com.

Photos: Top, Event Entertainment and Production book cover; Below, Mark Sonder, MM, CSEP

Editors note:  A press release making this announcement was pickedup by well over 100 media outlets througout the United States!


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Lighting and Staging 101 for Headline Entertainment

Lighting and Staging 101 for Headline Entertainment

Get It Right The First Time at your Meetings, Conventions, Trade Shows, Expositions, and Special Events.

BookCoverFinal2Obviously, you need to make sure you have the right entertainer, and that he or she is well versed in the type of message you want to send attendees. But once you’ve met these two objectives, two of the most important aspects of incorporating a celebrity into your event are the lighting and staging.  If only there was a book one could read.  There is!  Event Entertainment and Production. Also the Facebook page for the book.

Luckily for all of us, most celebrity contracts include a lighting and staging related rider,  which is simply a mandatory clause or provision attached to the contracts. Typically, this rider includes a specific tabulation and description of required lighting and staging equipment as well as labor requirements to install and run this equipment. In some rare cases, the entertainer will provide most or all of the required items, but in most situations you will need to locate local labor and most of the equipment. Therefore, it helps to have at least a bare-bones understanding of some of the key terms involved in lighting and staging.

Here are brief explanations of some of the most common terms you’ll run across when dealing with headline entertainment.

Trusses, are structures that are internally braced so that they can span distances without bending, are almost always required to support light fixtures for each headliner appearance. However, they also can support drapery, backdrops, and scenery.  Trusses may be “flown,” i.e., hung from above, or floor supported by vertical columns. The following light fixtures are typically attached to trusses:

• Automated/Intelligent Lighting — Sophisticate computer-controlled lights can change color, gobos, and focus by remote control.
• Fresnels — A light that projects a soft-edged beam, which can be varied in size from narrow focus to wide flood.  Excellent for lighting general areas, dance floors, backdrops, foliage, and decorative vignettes.
• Gobos — Also known as templates or patterns, these are most often flat metal “stencils” that fit within a theatrical spotlight, or automated light, to project images such as clouds, corporate logos, geometric patterns, or any number of stock or custom images.  Recently, heat-resistant glass and the ability to color glass gobos have increased the designer’s options for creativity.  Many ready-made stock gobos are available.
• Lekos — The slang term for an ellipsoidal spotlight.  This theatrical fixture projects a hard-edged beam of light, which can be shaped by built-in shutters or an iris, as well as by using a gobo.  This fixture is useful for illuminating specific areas where control of the light beam is needed.  Excellent for lighting single performers and architectural, or décor details.
• Par Cans — A 150w to 1000w lighting instrument that acts like a floodlight, providing an event light over a specific area; frequently seen in a polished aluminum version, hanging in large groups from ground support or flying truss system.
• Pinspots — This fixture projects a very narrow beam of light and is ideal for lighting table centerpieces, specific décor elements and details, and food displays on buffets.
• Follow Spot — This fixture basically follows the celebrity on stage. However, it can provide a broad or narrow or round or square light beam, and you can incorporate basic multi-colored gels. This fixture would NOT be attached to any truss.

The rider should also contain a stage plot, and provide you with the width, depth, and height of the intended structure. Within this stage plot, you’ll typically find the following terms.

• Wings — Platforms placed on either end of the stage for placement of lighting trees and/or audio speakers.
• Downstage — The portion of the stage that is closest to the audience.
• Backline — Instruments and associated equipment required for a performance.
• Risers – Small platforms put on stage, generally for the drum kit and the keyboards.
• Stage left / Stage right – The left or right side of the stage from the performer’s perspective.

While all of these terms may sound a bit daunting, you just need a basic understanding of them, as their intended use and positioning will likely be spelled out in the headliner’s lighting plot included in the rider.

Call on Mark Sonder Productions, Inc. (www.marksonderproductions.com) for all your production requirements as well as for acquiring your headline entertainment for meetings, conventions, trade shows, expositions, concerts, casinos, and special events.  Call today  +1-540-636-1640.

Lastly, for even more assistance don’t forget to download our FREE Event Entertainment Checklist.


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