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Three Decades Strong

Mark Sonder Productions, Inc. Three Decades Strong

International Music Agency Celebrates Its 30 Year Anniversary

Mark Sonder Productions 540-636-1640Mark Sonder, MM, CSEP and the Chief Entertainment Officer of the award-winning international music agency Mark Sonder Productions, Inc. is proud to announce his company has met another milestone–its doors have been open for 30 (thirty) uninterrupted years. Three Decades Strong. “We feel very blessed that the industry has continued to support us for 30 years and continues to do so,” stated Sonder.

Sonder, who worked as a musician in the bands of the late Frank Sinatra, the late Sammy Davis Jr., Tony Bennett, Cher, Linda Ronstadt and Burt Bacharach, amongst many others. His horn can be heard in the first six Diet Coke TV commercials as well as the infamous National Geographic theme. Sonder, with his company, has gone on to acquire and produce artists for meetings, events, concerts and casinos, including: Tony Bennett, Joan Jett & The Blackhearts, Blondie, Randy Crawford, Blood Sweat & Tears, John Mayer, Eddie Money and many others.

Commencing operations in 1985 as a sole proprietorship in New York City, Mark Sonder Productions, Inc. has expanded and matured into a national leader and pioneer in its many “firsts” in the event entertainment industry over its first 3 decades. First started from a one-bedroom apartment on the upper west side of Manhattan before the internet, to a company that acquired New York City’s premier Event and Destination Management Company, has had its musicians in major motion pictures, to being asked by producers of a major talent reality TV program to recommend talent, Mark Sonder Productions has booked headline entertainment in a number of continents around the globe where meetings are convened via video calls, Mark Sonder Productions, Inc. remains not only relevant today but is in demand for its talent buying knowledge and experience.

Mark Sonder Productions 540-636-1640This year will find the company, with its new website, continuing its leadership brand in obtaining local/regional and headline entertainment for meetings and conventions; booking 5-6 public dates per month in dinner clubs; getting the rights to advertise, book and promote the band “The Drifters” (NOT a tribute band); while Mark Sonder, MM, CSEP creator and senior music agent has joined yet another faculty instructing Event Marketing. Of course Mr. Sonder has literally written the book for the industry entitled, “Event Entertainment and Production,” and continues to be a subject matter expert while also being a Lecturer in Tourism Studies at The George Washington University.

So what are you waiting for?  Call on Mark Sonder Productions, Inc. and see what Mark can do for you! http://marksonderproductions.com Contact: +1-540-636-1640 or msonder@marksonderproductions.com 

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Logo of Mark Sonder Productions, Inc.

Mark Sonder Productions Batting 1000 Plus…Claim your FREE Checklist

Mark Sonder Productions Batting 1000

Plus…Claim your FREE Checklist



sonder-logoRight now at Mark Sonder Productions we are batting 1000! We want to share our good news with you and let you know of a current campaign we are running. We just set a goal to get 1000 “likes” on our Facebook page as well as 1000 “followers” on our Twitter page. Can you please help us continue to “Bat 1000?” Click and like/follow us today and checkout our good news below, as well as claiming your FREE Checklist!

1. We are celebrating the 10th Anniversary of the publishing of the most relied upon text in the area of entertainment for meetings, conventions, trade shows, expositions and events in the world. That book is, “Event Entertainment and Production,” written by Mark Sonder, MM, CSEP and the Chief Entertainment Officer at Mark Sonder Productions.

2. Speaking of anniversaries, next year will be the 30ieth anniversary of the creation of Mark Sonder Productions (originally Mark Sonder Music), commencing business in New York City in 1985!

3. A year of good business worldwide:
– This week the company is providing music for a large association at the Smithsonian Museum of Natural History in Washington DC, as well as a new product introduction for a corporation in Arlington, VA.
– Next week the company is sending speaker Nathan Schulhof, inventor of the MP3 Player and President of Future Technology Company, to India to deliver a keynote presentation at The Indian Institute of Technology.
– In addition, the company lists 21 cities in 15 States in the US that they will be placing musicians/headline entertainment in so far this year plus working in Europe and India.

4. Innovative Booking Practices. In Q4 2013 and extending into Q1 2014 sending out a speaker at no free (including no hotel and no r/t airline tickets) for corporate and association clients as Mark Sonder Productions lined up a Sponsor for this speakers expenses and fees!

MarkSonderBW“I am both honored and fortunate to continue to be relevant in this industry, where corporations and associations call on my company to provide them with world-class musicians, headline entertainment, speakers, and production support,” says Sonder.

Click here for your FREE checklist.

Thank you again for liking us on our Facebook page as well as following us on our Twitter page.

Have Mark book your next meeting/event which requires music or entertainment +1-540-636-1640 or msonder@marksonderproductions.com.

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Blogging on a Book: “Event Entertainment and Production” Written by Award Winning Music & Entertainment Super Agent Mark Sonder, Ten Years Later

Blogging on a Book: “Event Entertainment and Production” Written by Award Winning Music & Entertainment Super Agent Mark Sonder, Ten Years Later

Author Mark Sonder CSEP book still relevant in the meetings, events, hotel and hospitality industries a decade after publication.


BookCoverFinal2Author, speaker, super agent and lecturer Mark Sonder, MM, and Certified Special Events Professional as well as President of the award winning music and talent agency Mark Sonder Productions, Inc. is proud to announce the 10th Anniversary of the John Wiley & Son’s publication of his first book, “Event Entertainment and Production.”

This 433 page hard cover book has become the best form of “how to” book on the subjects of music, entertainment and production for meetings, conventions, trade shows, expositions, and events around the world and has already been translated and published in Russia.

Used by colleges and universities around the world in their hospitality management diploma programs, this relevant text still provides the necessary skills and written experiences required to plan and execute a successful program using entertainment and production support.

Furthermore, Sonder is a Lecturer in Tourism Studies at The George Washington University’s Master of Tourism Administration degree as well as their Event Management Certificate program.

“I am so honored that many of my colleagues have supported me throughout my continuing career and this book,” said Mark.  Some of those testimonials are below:

“Mr. Sonder has crafted an important new body of work which is an essential for every event professional.”
—Richard Aaron, CMP, CSEP, President, BizBash Media

“I think it’s a quality piece of work that is a strong education tool. Anyone interested in producing great events should have it in their library.”
—Vincent Alonzo, editor-in-chief, Successful Meetings Magazine

MarkSonderBW“I always feel like I’m in good hands when working with Sonder…Mark really knows his stuff.”
—Eddie Money, recording artist

Patti Shock calls Mark, “…one of the country’s leading suppliers of headline entertainment for meetings and events. Clearly Sonder’s book is still relevant today as a basis and foundation for event entertainment and production.”

“Happy New Year and Happy tenth anniversary Mark! Yes indeed, your book is an industry classic. Your work has truly touched the world! This book is the most comprehensive compendium of entertainment and production art and science that has ever been assembled.”
—Professor Joe Goldblatt, PhD., CSEP, FRSA, father of the Special Events Industry

If it is not already on your shelf, here is the information you need:
Title: Event Entertainment and Production
Author: Mark Sonder, MM, CSEP
Publisher: Wiley & Sons, Inc.
Copyright: 2004
ISBN: 0-471-26306-0

Order directly from Amazon.com.

Photos: Top, Event Entertainment and Production book cover; Below, Mark Sonder, MM, CSEP

Editors note:  A press release making this announcement was pickedup by well over 100 media outlets througout the United States!


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10 Tips to Selecting The Right Speaker for Meetings & Events

10 Tips to Selecting The Right Speaker for Meetings & Events

Event Entertainment Agencies Do Not Only Handle Musicians.


nathanEvent entertainment companies do not only handle musicians. They can also provide you with other entertainment resources such as speakers and variety acts. Selecting the right speaker for your meeting can be a daunting task, as speakers are available in every fee range and specialty topic.

Your speaker selection is one of the most important elements in a successful meeting so you should ensure that the speaker’s expertise, background, and abilities fit your audience’s demographics and expectations. The National Speaker’s Association (NSA) suggests these ten tips when selecting a speaker,

1. Determine the needs of your audience. 
Thorough knowledge of the needs of your group is essential in selecting the right speaker. Does your meeting require that the audience leave with specific or technical information? Do you need someone to motivate the group to sell? Are you looking for after-dinner entertainment with a message?

2. Establish your date, time, and budget.
Start looking for a speaker as soon as the date for your meeting is set. Many speakers book engagements up to a year in advance and you will want to get on their calendar as soon as possible.

Consider how much time you have to fill and where that time falls in your overall program. If your time slot is flexible, a professional speaker can often tell you the right amount of time for the job. A professional can also make recommendations about the order of topics/speakers if one presentation will follow another. You may not want to follow a humorist with a detailed educational presentation.

Factor in the fee you are willing or able to pay for a speaker. Your search for a speaker can be narrowed or broadened based upon your budget.

BobCohenWeb3. Identify the type of speaker who will best match the needs of your audience. 
A speaker’s expertise in a given field may be the big draw, but a well-known name does not guarantee a professional presentation. High prices do not always mean high quality. Will your audience and the overall program benefit most from a celebrity; an expert in the field; a popular sports personality; a best-selling author; or a professional speaker who has a thorough knowledge of the appropriate topic?

4. Locate your resources.
Personal referrals are a great way to narrow your search. Ask colleagues for recommendations.  Speakers bureaus locate and book speakers according to your specifications and needs. A bureau can locate speakers and quote fees. Many bureaus specialize in particular speakers such as celebrities, authors, or athletes. 

5. Review your options and interview your speaker candidate agents.
A professional speaker will be a real partner in this process. Often they will ask questions about the needs of your audience and what they can accomplish for you. Ask your candidates for references and, if they are speaking in your area, ask if you can attend the program and observe them in action.

Assure that a potential speaker has addressed groups similar to yours. Talk with them about their experience. Ask for a biography, testimonials, and videos of their presentations, preferably before a live audience.
Find a speaker who will tailor his or her presentation to your group.  

RichardLustigWeb6. Select your speaker.
Hire a professional and you will hire an ally. Professional speakers understand that your reputation is riding on their performance. Their experience with hundreds of audiences can add to your peace of mind and to the success of the event.

When selecting your speaker, consider that you are not only paying for the time the speaker is on the platform but also for the hours spent researching, preparing, and customizing the presentation. Some speakers may negotiate their fees when they are doing more than one program for you or when they are allowed to sell their products. Ask about your options.

7. Get it in writing. 
You should have a letter of agreement or contract that clearly outlines the expectations of both you and your speaker. Consider:
– travel arrangements and transportation
– accommodations and meals
– fees, reimbursements, and payment terms
– whether you want the speaker to attend social events
– if the speaker may sell products and if so, how this will be handled
– an agreement on any audio or videotaping of the presentation
– cancellation policies
– audio/visual requirements
– legal implications, if any, your contract may contain.

8. Work with your speaker. 
Share information about your group or company. This will help the speaker become familiar with your organization, while facilitating a customized presentation.

Send the speaker your newsletters or anything which would include the names of key people, buzz words, or insider news and views. Give the speaker a clear outline of what you expect. Be specific about the size and demographics of your audience. Let the speaker know in advance about other speakers on the program. This gives the speaker the opportunity to build on (and not duplicate) what the other speakers say.

KatieHarman29. Set the stage.
Make sure the room is set up for optimum impact. Consider the number of chairs and how they are arranged. Also consider room temperature and lighting.

Stay on schedule. Although a professional will be able to “make up” time or slow things down if needed, keeping your program on schedule will allow your audience to get the full impact of the program you have created for them.

Your speaker should be able to provide you with a good introduction of themselves and their topic. The introduction should be short, energizing, and create positive expectations.

10. Evaluate the results.
Have your audience complete evaluations on the speaker and his/her presentation. This will allow you to gauge your results and plan for future programs. Send copies of the evaluations to your speaker.

Call Mark Sonder Productions, Inc. today to engage your speakers, musicians, entertainment and production at +1-540-636-1640.

Photos: Top, Nathan Schulhof, inventor of the MP3 Speaker; Middle, Dr. Robert Cohen, PhD & Shaman, Health & Wellness; Middle with book, Richard Lustig, Learn How to Increase Your Chances of Winning The Lottery; Bottom, Katie Harman Miss America 2002, Health & Wellness

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Logo of Mark Sonder Productions, Inc.

Award Winning Music & Talent Agency Mark Sonder Productions Celebrates 28 Successful Years in Business

Award Winning Music & Talent Agency Mark Sonder Productions Celebrates 28 Successful Years in Business

Event Entertainment and Production Company Mark Sonder Productions Celebrates Anniversary

sonder-logoMark Sonder, who is a Master of Music, a Certified Special Event Professional and the Chief Entertainment Officer at the award winning worldwide event entertainment agency Mark Sonder Productions, Inc. is proud to announce that his company is celebrating 28 years in business.

Throughout his long career, Sonder, who authored the industry-wide accepted text, “Event Entertainment and Production,” has contributed to a dozen other books and has presented seminars in countries all over the world.  Sonder is quoted in multiple trade publications, and has authored many articles in own his industry’s various trades publications. 

Sonder, who has been a founding member of three professional trade associations, explains that, “As our company continues to grow in a contracting economy, we have just added The Temptations Revue: A Tribute feat. Hall of Famer Nate Evans to our roster, as well as another employee and summer intern.” “Our longevity stems from giving our clients what they are looking for – whether it be Jose Cid, the international pop/rock superstar from Portugal, or Joan Jett & The Blackhearts, or Blondie here in the U.S.,” Sonder states.

MarkSonderBW“We go above and beyond for every client, regardless of the need, time or location.” From working on major motion pictures on the big screen to various appearances on the small screen, and from holding the record for most amount of headline entertain

ers booked for a corporate event to sending out solo pianists for cocktail hours, Sonder has created careers in his 28-year experience.  “Without our repeat clients, who continue to support our fine artists delivered with great customer service, we would not be here and we thank them so very much,” explains Sonder. 

After working with everyone from Frank Sinatra to Cher, from Gypsy and Sugar Babies on Broadway to the National Ballet of Marseille and Radio City Music Hall Christmas Show, to being on tour with the late Nelson Riddle and Linda Ronstadt, Mark Sonder has done business with some of the greatest artists and performers.  Top 10 recording artist Eddie Money says, “Mark Sonder Productions is the industry expert.  They are great to work with because they know all the ins and outs of the business.” Mark Sonder is also a Lecturer of Tourism Studies for the Masters of Tourism Administration degree program at The George Washington University in Washington DC.  Because of his extensive experience and constant mentoring, Successful Meetings and Meeting News magazines have dubbed Sonder a Meeting Industry Guru.

About Mark Sonder Productions
Mark Sonder Productions, Inc. is an award winning entertainment agency for special events, meetings, conventions, trade shows, expositions, concert and casino facilities worldwide whose work has been featured in The Boston Globe; The San Francisco Chronicle; The Miami-Herald; United Press International; as well as on FOX and CBS Money Watch.

The talent agency enjoys both exclusive and non-exclusive relationships with headliners, musicians, comedians, theatrical productions and lecturers.  Talent Buying: The company’s 28 years of contracting has given the firm the knowledge and experience to represent clients and end users in a very strong position.

Mark Sonder Productions is a privately held company and has been proudly delivering excellent customer service to the U.S.A. and abroad since 1985.


Images: Logo of Mark Sonder Productions, photograph of Mark Sonder (below)






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The Temptations Revue: A Tribute featuring Nate Evans with Linwood Peel’s Stars from The Drifters LIVE in Concert for Your Events

The Temptations Revue: A Tribute featuring Nate Evans with Linwood Peel’s Stars from The Drifters Show for Your Events

Just in time for Summer, together on one stage at last!  Choose one, the other or both to appear at your event.



NateEvansNot since The Doobie Brothers Teamed up with Chicago has a Notable Double Bill Been Conceived.

The Temps hits include Motown greats: “The Way You Do The Things You Do,” “My Girl,” “I Wish It Would Rain,” “Since I Lost My Baby,” “You’re My Everything,” “I’m Gonna Make You Love Me,” “Get Ready,” “Ain’t Too Proud To Beg,” “(I Know) I’m Losing You,” “Psychedelic Shack,” “Runaway Child, Running Wild,” “Ball Of Confusion,” “I Can’t Get Next To You,” “Masterpiece” and “Just My Imagination.”

The Drifters Million Sellers:  – Stand by Me – There Goes My Baby – This Magic Moment – Save the Last Dance For Me – Up On the Roof – On Broadway – Under the Boardwalk – Dance With Me – I Count the Tears.

Both groups are backed up by a 8-piece orchestra. Never before has this offer been made to have Linwood Peel’s Stars from The Drifters open for The Temptations Revue: A Tribute feat. Nate Evans.

LinwoodTributeAccording to Wikipedia, “Ruffin, Kendrick & Edwards The most well known [Temptations] splinter was “Ruffin, Kendrick(s) & Edwards: Former Leads of the Temptations”, which featured the three former Temptations and three other members, David Sea, who’d been a consideration to replace Edwards in 1984, Nate Evans, a former member of The Impressions, and a female vocalist.”

2013 is The Diamond Anniversary of The Drifters. They are regarded as one of early Rock and Roll’s super groups and charted with megahits like “Under the Boardwalk,” “On Broadway,” “Stand By Me,” “Up On The Roof,” and “This Magic Moment.” Rolling Stone Magazine ranks the Drifters number 81 on their 100 greatest artists of all time.  The Drifters have been inducted into both The Rock and Roll and the Vocal Group Halls of Fame and over the years have been fronted by memorable singers such as Clyde McPhatter, Ben E. King and Bill Pinkney.  Linwood Peel and his group are regarded as the nation’s #1 tribute to The Drifters.

Websites: The Temptations Revue: A Tribute feat. Nate Evans www.marksonderproductions.com/temptationstribute or www.facebook.com/temptationstribute

Linwood Peel’s Stars from The Drifters www.marksonderproductions.com/lpsdrifters or http://drifterstribute.com or http://facebook.com/lpsdrifters

Videos: The Temptations Revue: A Tribute feat. Nate Evans http://youtu.be/kjWplPvjIvI

Linwood Peel’s Stars from The Drifters http://youtu.be/ui5KWK4JnPg

To book this great double-bill: Call today +1-540-636-1640

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The Complete List of Grammy Award Winners Revealed

Everybody Loves a Winner, Especially at Their Meetings and Events!

The Complete List of Grammy Award Winners Revealed…


LightbulbIdeaIt happens at staff meetings across the globe–the team asking itself who should we invite to be the musical entertainment at our next annual meeting, convention, trade show, exhibition, congress, or event?  Well…the answer may have gotten a little easier to make. Now that the Grammies have been handed out, the lightbulb can be illuminated!  Call on Mark Sonder Productions at +1-540-636-1640 to inquire as to the availability as well as price for your favorite Grammy Award winning artists or other entertainers as well.


Record of the Year

“Somebody That I Used to Know,” Gotye and Kimbra

Album of the Year

“Babel,” Mumford & Sons

Song of the Year

Jack Antonoff, Jeff Bhasker, Andrew Dost and Nate Ruess (“We Are Young,” Fun. and Janelle Monáe)

New Artist


Pop Solo Performance

“Set Fire to the Rain (live),” Adele

Pop Performance, Duo or Group

“Somebody That I Used to Know,” Gotye and Kimbra

Pop Instrumental Album

“Impressions,” Chris Botti

Pop Vocal Album

“Stronger,” Kelly Clarkson

Dance Recording

“Bangarang,” Skrillex and Sirah

Dance/Electronica Album

“Bangarang,” Skrillex

Dance Recording

“Bangarang,” Skrillex and Sirah

Traditional Pop Vocal Album

“Kisses on the Bottom,” Paul McCartney

Rock Performance

“Lonely Boy,” the Black Keys

Hard Rock/Metal Performance

“Love Bites (So Do I),” Halestorm

Rock Song

Dan Auerbach, Brian Burton and Patrick Carney (“Lonely Boy,” the Black Keys)

Rock Album

“El Camino,” the Black Keys

Alternative Music Album

“Making Mirrors,” Gotye

R&B Performance

“Climax,” Usher

Traditional R&B Performance

“Love on Top,” Beyoncé

R&B Song

Miguel Pimentel (“Adorn,” Miguel)

R&B Album

“Black Radio,” Robert Glasper Experiment

Rap Performance

“___ in Paris,” Jay-Z and Kanye West

Rap/Sung Collaboration

“No Church in the Wild,” Jay-Z, Kanye West, Frank Ocean and The-Dream

Rap Song

Shawn Carter, Mike Dean, Chauncey Hollis, Kanye West and W. A. Donaldson (“___ in Paris,” Jay-Z and Kanye West)

Rap Album

“Take Care,” Drake

Urban Contemporary Album

“Channel Orange,” Frank Ocean

Country Solo Performance

“Blown Away,” Carrie Underwood

Country Performance, Duo or Group

“Pontoon,” Little Big Town

Country Song

Josh Kear and Chris Tompkins (“Blown Away,” Carrie Underwood)

Country Album

“Uncaged,” Zac Brown Band

New Age Album

“Echoes of Love,” Omar Akram

Improvised Jazz Solo

“Hot House,” Gary Burton and Chick Corea

Jazz Vocal Album

“Radio Music Society,” Esperanza Spalding

Jazz Instrumental Album

“Unity Band,” Pat Metheny Unity Band

Large Jazz Ensemble Album

“Dear Diz (Every Day I Think of You),” Arturo Sandoval

Latin Jazz Album

“¡Ritmo!,” The Clare Fischer Latin Jazz Big Band

Gospel/Contemporary Christian Music Performance

“10,000 Reasons (Bless the Lord),” Matt Redman

Gospel Song

Erica Campbell, Tina Campbell and Warryn Campbell (“Go Get It,” Mary Mary)

Contemporary Christian Music Song

Jonas Myrin and Matt Redman (“10,000 Reasons (Bless the Lord),” Matt Redman)

Gospel Album

“Gravity,” Lecrae

Contemporary Christian Music Album

“Eye on It,” TobyMac

Latin Pop Album

“MTV Unplugged Deluxe Edition,” Juanes

Latin Rock, Urban or Alternative Album

“Imaginaries,” Quetzal

Regional Mexican or Tejano Album

“Pecados y Milagros,” Lila Downs

Tropical Latin Album

“Retro,” Marlow Rosada y La Riqueña”

Americana Album

“Slipstream,” Bonnie Raitt

Bluegrass Album

“Nobody Knows You,” Steep Canyon Rangers

Blues Album

“Locked Down,” Dr. John

Folk Album

“The Goat Rodeo Sessions,” Yo-Yo Ma, Stuart Duncan, Edgar Meyer and Chris Thile

Regional Roots Music Album

“The Band Courtbouillon,” Wayne Toups, Steve Riley and Wilson Savoy

Reggae Album

“Rebirth,” Jimmy Cliff

World Music Album

“The Living Room Sessions Part 1,” Ravi Shankar

Children’s Album

“Can You Canoe?,” The Okee Dokee Brothers

Spoken Word Album

“Society’s Child: My Autobiography,” Janis Ian

Comedy Album

“Blow Your Pants Off,” Jimmy Fallon

Musical Theater Album

“Once: A New Musical,” Steve Kazee and Cristin Milioti, artists; Steven Epstein and Martin Lowe, producers; Glen Hansard and Marketa Irglova, composers/lyricists

Instrumental Composition

“Mozart Goes Dancing,” Chick Corea (Chick Corea and Gary Burton)

Instrumental Arrangement

“How About You,” Gil Evans (Gil Evans Project)

Producer of the Year, Nonclassical

Dan Auerbach

Producer of the Year, Classical

Blanton Alspaugh

Remixed Recording, Nonclassical

“Promises (Skrillex and Nero Remix),” Skrillex, remixer

Classical Instrumental Solo

“Kurtág & Ligeti: Music for Viola,” Kim Kashkashian

Classical Vocal Solo

“Poèmes,” Renée Fleming (Alan Gilbert and Seiji Ozawa; Orchestre National de France and Orchestre Philharmonique de Radio France)

Contemporary Classical Composition

“Hartke, Stephen: Meanwhile — Incidental Music to Imaginary Puppet Plays,” Stephen Hartke (Eighth Blackbird)

Short Form Music Video

“We Found Love,” Rihanna and Calvin Harris

Long Form Music Video

“Big Easy Express,” Mumford & Sons, Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros and Old Crow Medicine Show

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Obama’s Inaugural Event Entertainment

If They Are Good Enough for The President, Then…

Obama’s Inaugural Event Entertainment


PresidentialSeal2What performers should you have at your meeting, convention, trade show, corporate, exposition, congress (no pun intended), incentive, association or special event?  Well…if you wish to look presidential, you will invite: Katy Perry, Smokey Robinson, Usher, Alicia Keys and Brad Paisley, Marc Anthony, Stevie Wonder, John Legend and the cast of “Glee,” plus Beyonce, James Taylor, and Kelly Clarkson.

Other event performers include pop-rap foursome Far East Movement, Grammy-nominated pop-rock trio fun., R&B boy band Mindless Behavior, rapper Nick Cannon and youth gospel choir Soul Children of Chicago.

Demand has been high for entry to the two official balls. Demands are high for these performers throughout the year so call today to have these fine entertainers give your worldwide meeting or event a presidential experience. 

http://marksonderproductions.com +1-540-636-1640.

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Lighting and Staging 101 for Headline Entertainment

Lighting and Staging 101 for Headline Entertainment

Get It Right The First Time at your Meetings, Conventions, Trade Shows, Expositions, and Special Events.

BookCoverFinal2Obviously, you need to make sure you have the right entertainer, and that he or she is well versed in the type of message you want to send attendees. But once you’ve met these two objectives, two of the most important aspects of incorporating a celebrity into your event are the lighting and staging.  If only there was a book one could read.  There is!  Event Entertainment and Production. Also the Facebook page for the book.

Luckily for all of us, most celebrity contracts include a lighting and staging related rider,  which is simply a mandatory clause or provision attached to the contracts. Typically, this rider includes a specific tabulation and description of required lighting and staging equipment as well as labor requirements to install and run this equipment. In some rare cases, the entertainer will provide most or all of the required items, but in most situations you will need to locate local labor and most of the equipment. Therefore, it helps to have at least a bare-bones understanding of some of the key terms involved in lighting and staging.

Here are brief explanations of some of the most common terms you’ll run across when dealing with headline entertainment.

Trusses, are structures that are internally braced so that they can span distances without bending, are almost always required to support light fixtures for each headliner appearance. However, they also can support drapery, backdrops, and scenery.  Trusses may be “flown,” i.e., hung from above, or floor supported by vertical columns. The following light fixtures are typically attached to trusses:

• Automated/Intelligent Lighting — Sophisticate computer-controlled lights can change color, gobos, and focus by remote control.
• Fresnels — A light that projects a soft-edged beam, which can be varied in size from narrow focus to wide flood.  Excellent for lighting general areas, dance floors, backdrops, foliage, and decorative vignettes.
• Gobos — Also known as templates or patterns, these are most often flat metal “stencils” that fit within a theatrical spotlight, or automated light, to project images such as clouds, corporate logos, geometric patterns, or any number of stock or custom images.  Recently, heat-resistant glass and the ability to color glass gobos have increased the designer’s options for creativity.  Many ready-made stock gobos are available.
• Lekos — The slang term for an ellipsoidal spotlight.  This theatrical fixture projects a hard-edged beam of light, which can be shaped by built-in shutters or an iris, as well as by using a gobo.  This fixture is useful for illuminating specific areas where control of the light beam is needed.  Excellent for lighting single performers and architectural, or décor details.
• Par Cans — A 150w to 1000w lighting instrument that acts like a floodlight, providing an event light over a specific area; frequently seen in a polished aluminum version, hanging in large groups from ground support or flying truss system.
• Pinspots — This fixture projects a very narrow beam of light and is ideal for lighting table centerpieces, specific décor elements and details, and food displays on buffets.
• Follow Spot — This fixture basically follows the celebrity on stage. However, it can provide a broad or narrow or round or square light beam, and you can incorporate basic multi-colored gels. This fixture would NOT be attached to any truss.

The rider should also contain a stage plot, and provide you with the width, depth, and height of the intended structure. Within this stage plot, you’ll typically find the following terms.

• Wings — Platforms placed on either end of the stage for placement of lighting trees and/or audio speakers.
• Downstage — The portion of the stage that is closest to the audience.
• Backline — Instruments and associated equipment required for a performance.
• Risers – Small platforms put on stage, generally for the drum kit and the keyboards.
• Stage left / Stage right – The left or right side of the stage from the performer’s perspective.

While all of these terms may sound a bit daunting, you just need a basic understanding of them, as their intended use and positioning will likely be spelled out in the headliner’s lighting plot included in the rider.

Call on Mark Sonder Productions, Inc. (www.marksonderproductions.com) for all your production requirements as well as for acquiring your headline entertainment for meetings, conventions, trade shows, expositions, concerts, casinos, and special events.  Call today  +1-540-636-1640.

Lastly, for even more assistance don’t forget to download our FREE Event Entertainment Checklist.


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