“One Love, One Heart,” Let’s Get Together and Watch a Movie

“One Love, One Heart,” Let’s Get Together and Watch a Movie

New Distributional Channel for Event Marketing to be investigated for your meetings, special events and concerts.

OneLoveA few months ago I went to the island country of Jamaica for a business meeting, some R&R as well as to visit the first 2 boyhood homes in addition to the final resting place of musician Bob Marley.

On April 20 a Bob Marley documentary will be released.  It is simply entitled, “Marley.”  A check of how many Facebook fans Bob presently has would reveal almost 38 million.  Following him on Twitter you will find 192,000 people.  This is quite a feat as Bob has not been alive for more than 30 years!

Why is this motion picture important today and in what context?  It is important as this movie will be streamed on Facebook simultaneously during its opening.  In an obvious attempt to leverage the almost 38 million fans, it is apparent that social media is also playing a role as a new trend in music and entertainment specifically in event marketing.

We have seen this happen before with indie films using Facebook as a means of a distributional channel, however, this will be the first USA film to stream simultaneously on social media while opening in theatres.

A portion of the proceeds from Facebook sales will benefit Save the Children, the charity for needy children.

You may wish to consider this type of marketing for your upcoming meetings, conventions, trade shows, expositions, concerts and special events.

Others may just consider this reggae documentary “Marley” as a holiday of sorts for marijuana enthusiasts.

Long live Bob Marley!

“One Love.”

Photo:  Signs above the door to enter the mausoleum erected for Bob.  Inscription of “One Love” and sign below exclaiming “JAH-LOVE.

NOTE:  Mark Sonder instructs, “Event Marketing” at The George Washington University in Washington DC for the Event Management Certificate Program.

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