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Mark Sonder Productions, Inc. is an award winning music, talent and entertainment agency for:

– Meetingssonder-logo
– Conventions
– Trade Shows
– Expositions
– Special Events and
– Concerts
– Facilities & Casinos.

We enjoy extensive contact information on celebrities/headliners, musicians, comedians, theatrical productions, and speakers. Our talent agency has information such as artist touring schedules, performance fee ranges, as well as their production requirements, biographies, and we can acquire them all for you!

Mark Sonder Productions is a privately held company and has been delivering excellent customer service to the USA and abroad since 1985.

The company we keep…a number of our quality Clients:
– American Heart AssociationCrowdHP– American Express
– AT&T
– Banca Della Suizzera Italiano
– Bristol Myers Squibb
– British Airways
– Citibank
– ExxonMobil
– General Electric
– Goldman Sachs
– Johnson & Johnson
– McGraw-Hill Companies, The
– Mercedes-Benz
– National Kidney Foundation
– People Magazine
– Pfizer
– Philip Morris
– Polo Ralph Lauren
– Reebok
– TV Globus (Sao Paulo, Brazil)
– Union Bank of Switzerland
– Wells Fargo

Corporate Headquarters, Telephone:  +1-540-636-1640
Text:  +1-202-369-1063

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