Event Entertainment Management

TSTD 6279 — Event Entertainment Management

Professor Mark Sonder, MM, CSEP

Video and other Resources

Required Text:
BookCoverFinal2Event Entertainment and Production

Audio Introduction to course from Professor Mark Sonder, MM, CSEP

Historical Overview of Venues and their Various Forms of Entertainment

Recent articles dealing with risk management in entertainment. Please see Discussion area on Bb.

Below are the video resources for this course.

Various Arena Changeovers. This is a must see! Pick whichever one(s) you wish to study. It is a wow!

Managing The Crowd Thanks again to Don Hancock and IAAM (now IAVM)

Concert Crowds The Who and AC-DC

Crowd Case Studies My goal is to observe, study and learn so that something like this doesn’t happen at your meeting or event.  Thanks to Don Hancock for this video.  We can still learn many things from “Old School!”

Pacers vs. Pistons If your entertainment production is hoops, this fight is for you!

Tike in Hawaii Lions, tigers and bears…and one elephant. Dealing with animals in your permanent entertainment production or attraction. Does the name Siegfried and Roy conger up any thoughts?

Ben Hur That’s right…Charlton Heston starring as Judah Ben-Hur in the 1959 major motion picture. Excerpt complete with great music and a great stadium for entertainment events. Ask your parents about this flick!

Gladiator The Oscar Award-Winning 2000 release featuring Russell Crowe as Maximus in an open air stadium.

Marketing Facilities

10 Tips for taking a test online on Blackboard

Other courses instructed by Professor Sonder:

  • Event Entertainment and Production
  • Event Production
  • Entertainment Production and Operations Management
  • Entertainment on the Road
  • Event Risk Management
  • Event Marketing
  • Event Coordination
  • Event Best Practices
  • Starting / Growing Your Own Event Management Company


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