ATOM: Worlds Fastest Painter

ATOM: World’s Fastest Painter

by guest Blogger Hannah Pryor



ATOM-screen-capDid you ever want to see the planet Saturn, the ancient pyramids and the Golden-Gate Bridge all in one picture?  Well, now you can.  I have the man who can make it happen, and in less than 3 minutes!  Who is it?  It’s ATOM: The World’s Fastest Painter! 

When I first heard about ATOM, I didn’t believe it.  Honestly.  I thought he would be some jokester who just made art for entertainment.  Turns out, I WAS RIGHT!  He is a complete clown and is always smiling.  He dresses in crazy clothes with funky hats to match, throws out jokes left and right but, is 100% talented.  All ATOM uses to create these masterpieces is spray paint and a knife.  A knife?  Yes, I guess you will have to see for yourself how he does that, because I have no idea.  His performances are so fun, it is crazy.  There is always music playing, people dancing, and ATOM painting.  He knows how to put on a show, as if entertaining was in his blood when he was born.

But who is this comedian who paints masterpieces using knives?  ATOM was a runaway, he faced challenges that many of us can never imagine, such as living alone in a rented room at 16 years old.  Fortunately, after overcoming those difficulties, ATOM continued on to huge success.  From opening a snowboarding store to managing bands to holding the Olympic torch (more than once mind you) and finally his last and biggest success as the World’s Fastest Painter.  I told you he wasn’t you typical artist. 

I know I have said that ATOM is a goof ball before, but there is another side of him–a man who wants to help and make a difference in the world.  He started a group called R.A.D.D., Rockers Against Drunk Driving.  ATOM has also battled the law when it comes to rights for street performers, which is where he started, and succeeded in that case.  He tells a reporter regarding that case, “I’d rather paint and that’s all I really want to do.”

With a resume like this and talent to match, how could you not want to hire ATOM: The World’s Fastest Painter?! 

ATOM is available for both public and private (corporate/association) events across the USA!


HannahGuest Blogger Hannah Pryor is earning her Event Management Certificate from The George Washington University in Washington DC and as well as working at Mark Sonder Productions.  She can be reached at


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