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Live Entertainment That Fits!

Live Entertainment That Fits!

By guest blogger Simone Poetscher, Founder of the Corporate Event Blog Mona’s Event Dos & Don’ts

SimonePoetscherWith virtual and hybrid events steadily gaining momentum over the past years, planners of live events are focusing on one of the advantages that keep live events competitive: the personal experience.

While attendees may also consider facets such as the registration process, event location, and the quality of food & beverage, I believe the key to creating a lasting impression is event entertainment.

Entertainment matters!
Event entertainment comes in many shapes and forms. Aerial artists surprising guests at a cocktail reception, an “Idol” type contestant entertaining during a networking event, Atom: World’s Fastest Painter welcoming arrivals before a lecture, or Sir Elton John showing up as surprise guest at a fundraiser. [Find more about selecting “The Perfect Sounds For Your Corporate Event” at Mona’s Event Dos & Don’ts.] It’s these live experiences that will create lasting memories for guests. Memories that will make them want to spread the word about their experience and return for more.

Diversity, diversity!
Companies have many options when it comes to selecting event entertainment. For evening events, organizations could feature a TED talk, panel discussion; or expert presentation. Social events could feature a DJ or live music entertainment. Conference hosts could give their attendees a chance to break away from a day of presentations while enjoying dance performances, acrobat shows, magicians, or a comedian.

With the broad range of entertainment available to the events industry, narrowing down viable options for a specific event sometimes becomes a strategic challenge. The Corporate Event Blog Mona’s Event Dos & Don’ts has collaborated with Mark Sonder on showcasing that corporate entertainment production can help organizations ease the process of finding event entertainment. Find details in the blog post “Spice Up Your Corporate Event! – The How, What, And Why Of Using Corporate Entertainment Production”.

MicsStuartMilesThe perfect match!
Planners may, however, opt to tackle the challenge of finding the perfect match on their own. As they are starting to determine the best fit of entertainment for their event, I see many planners employing a similar process.

I. Corporate image and goals
First, a planner will focus on the host company’s image and goals that should be represented and reached. Is the event host innovative, conservative, adventurous, authoritative, fun, or cautious? Should the audience be informed, entertained, encouraged to try new products, or focus on networking?

II. Target groups
The next step in the process is taking a close look at the target groups. Knowing their age groups, gender, education, and cultural backgrounds helps determine preferences as it pertains to being entertained. Once these questions are answered, the planner can determine the event format: panel discussion vs. gala, networking event vs. product presentation, etc. Also, the type of entertainment that should be secured for the event can be determined: headline entertainer vs. local dinner dance band, content speaker vs. clown, musicians vs. aerial artists, big band vs. laser show, etc.

III. Budget and event location
Lastly, planners need to know where they stand in regards to their entertainment budget, and be aware of any restrictions their preferred event location may impose on event entertainment.

Armed with this information, it’s time to research options either through personal networks or the internet, before reaching out to a corporate entertainment company or individual artists/speakers/entertainers, negotiating terms & conditions, and contracting the perfect fit.

More than ever, providing a unique and all-around positive live event experience for attendees is essential. I advise to not skimp on the time, effort, and funds it takes to do it right. I am convinced that securing your live entertainment and finding the perfect fit can make all the difference.

– Mona

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