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Bob Lefsetz

Boston Strong

Boston Strong

Written by Bob Lefsetz


BobLefsetzOh to write a song as good as “Shower The People”…

I’m supposed to be at dinner, but I can’t stop watching “Boston Strong.”

Once upon a time these events were on television, when they were infrequent, when we had not yet become inured to tragedy in our lives. Still, isn’t it interesting that when a crisis appears, we always turn to our artists, our musicians. There’s no music in school, we live in a money-grubbing, too often soulless country. We depend upon our artists to give it all meaning.

And that’s what James Taylor and Carole King are doing right now.

I know, I know, they’ve been on an endless reunion tour.

But…if you’re a baby boomer, they’re our soundtrack.

Once all the rebellion is put to sleep, when you realize that you’re not special, that life is for living, you cast aside your prejudices and just…enjoy. You might have been a tattooed, angry soul yesterday, but tomorrow you’re Bieber or Amanda Bynes…history.

Because there’s no basis, no backup, no catalog. But if you stay at it for years, you get really good, you touch our souls.

Like with “Shower The People”…

“Once you tell somebody the way that you feel You can feel it beginning to ease”

That’s life. It’s about sharing. Don’t keep it inside. Tell people.

“You can play the game And you can act out the part Though you know it wasn’t written for you But tell me how can you stand there With your broken heart Ashamed of playing the fool”

Image. It’s not everything it’s cracked up to be. We’re all imperfect. We all have problems with bathing suits. Own it. Your life will get easier.

“You can run but you cannot hide This is widely known And what you plan to do With your foolish pride When you’re all by yourself alone”

That’s what we want to be…together. And that’s what we do during live events. Tune in, feel part of it.

In this crazy world where no one stays in one place anymore, we unite when it’s immediate, when it’s one time only, the replay will not do.

TV has lost the plot. It thinks it’s about ratings when it’s truly about content. Which is all over the web, in hi-def, blow this image up full-screen and it will blow your mind…it’s so sharp.

And sure, it’d be better to be there…

Then again, maybe not. At these big events you can’t get a seat up close and personal unless you’re rich or know somebody, which most people don’t. But online, you can be right there in the first row. You can see the lines in the faces…the performers appear HUMAN! Something too many celebrities are evading, with their plastic surgery and Botox and… But it’s experienced faces we truly want to see, those with the decades etched upon them, reminding us of not only who they were, but who we are too.

When this old world starts getting you down… [lyrics from The Drifters tune, “Up on the Roof”]

Put on a record.

It’ll keep you going, it’ll safe your life.

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Editor’s note:  Bob’s words have been a fresh inspiration to me for years.  Bob allows me to reprint his articles for my classes at UNLV and The George Washingtonn University.  Thanks Bob for being there and continuing to share your clear thoughts with all of us!

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The Temptations Revue: A Tribute featuring Nate Evans with Linwood Peel’s Stars from The Drifters LIVE in Concert for Your Events

The Temptations Revue: A Tribute featuring Nate Evans with Linwood Peel’s Stars from The Drifters Show for Your Events

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NateEvansNot since The Doobie Brothers Teamed up with Chicago has a Notable Double Bill Been Conceived.

The Temps hits include Motown greats: “The Way You Do The Things You Do,” “My Girl,” “I Wish It Would Rain,” “Since I Lost My Baby,” “You’re My Everything,” “I’m Gonna Make You Love Me,” “Get Ready,” “Ain’t Too Proud To Beg,” “(I Know) I’m Losing You,” “Psychedelic Shack,” “Runaway Child, Running Wild,” “Ball Of Confusion,” “I Can’t Get Next To You,” “Masterpiece” and “Just My Imagination.”

The Drifters Million Sellers:  – Stand by Me – There Goes My Baby – This Magic Moment – Save the Last Dance For Me – Up On the Roof – On Broadway – Under the Boardwalk – Dance With Me – I Count the Tears.

Both groups are backed up by a 8-piece orchestra. Never before has this offer been made to have Linwood Peel’s Stars from The Drifters open for The Temptations Revue: A Tribute feat. Nate Evans.

LinwoodTributeAccording to Wikipedia, “Ruffin, Kendrick & Edwards The most well known [Temptations] splinter was “Ruffin, Kendrick(s) & Edwards: Former Leads of the Temptations”, which featured the three former Temptations and three other members, David Sea, who’d been a consideration to replace Edwards in 1984, Nate Evans, a former member of The Impressions, and a female vocalist.”

2013 is The Diamond Anniversary of The Drifters. They are regarded as one of early Rock and Roll’s super groups and charted with megahits like “Under the Boardwalk,” “On Broadway,” “Stand By Me,” “Up On The Roof,” and “This Magic Moment.” Rolling Stone Magazine ranks the Drifters number 81 on their 100 greatest artists of all time.  The Drifters have been inducted into both The Rock and Roll and the Vocal Group Halls of Fame and over the years have been fronted by memorable singers such as Clyde McPhatter, Ben E. King and Bill Pinkney.  Linwood Peel and his group are regarded as the nation’s #1 tribute to The Drifters.

Websites: The Temptations Revue: A Tribute feat. Nate Evans or

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Linwood Peel’s Stars from The Drifters

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