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Mark Sonder Productions, Inc. is an award winning music, talent and entertainment agency for:

– Meetingssonder-logo
– Conventions
– Trade Shows
– Expositions
– Special Events and
– Concerts
– Facilities & Casinos.

We enjoy extensive contact information on celebrities/headliners, musicians, comedians, theatrical productions, and speakers. Our talent agency has information such as artist touring schedules, performance fee ranges, as well as their production requirements, biographies, and we can acquire them all for you!

Mark Sonder Productions is a privately held company and has been delivering excellent customer service to the USA and abroad since 1985.

The company we keep…a number of our quality Clients:
– American Heart AssociationCrowdHP– American Express
– AT&T
– Banca Della Suizzera Italiano
– Bristol Myers Squibb
– British Airways
– Citibank
– ExxonMobil
– General Electric
– Goldman Sachs
– Johnson & Johnson
– McGraw-Hill Companies, The
– Mercedes-Benz
– National Kidney Foundation
– People Magazine
– Pfizer
– Philip Morris
– Polo Ralph Lauren
– Reebok
– TV Globus (Sao Paulo, Brazil)
– Union Bank of Switzerland
– Wells Fargo

Corporate Headquarters, Telephone:  +1-540-636-1640
Text:  +1-202-369-1063

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Hiring Headline Entertainment: The Offer and The Contract

Hiring Headline Entertainment: The Offer and the Contract

An Offer is a blueprint for the pending Contract.

If the artist accepts the offer, you are obligated to move forward toward a contract. If the artist declines the offer, neither party has a further obligation. If you still want to procure this entertainer, you can make an alternative offer, in writing. (Everything must be in writing to form a binding agreement.)

If the artist accepts your offer, an entertainment professional can provide invaluable assistance in drawing up the contract. Most contract arrangements have two parts:

• The actual contract. This spells out in detail the who, what, where, when and how.

• Rider(s) or addendum(s) to the contract. This can be in the form of one large rider or separate components, broken out into a sound rider, light rider, a food-and-beverage rider, etc. These riders are made part of and attached to the contract. The contract may be one to three pages, with the rider(s) adding another 50 pages. It is not uncommon for riders to specify limo service for the artist or speaker, specific brands of bottled water to have on hand or 300-threadcount Egyptian cotton bed sheets.

ChecklistMan2cWhy you need an entertainment management company

There’s a good reason to use corporate entertainment companies. First of all, you probably will never meet with an artist’s exclusive agent in person. After an initial conversation with an exclusive agent, future conversations will most likely be handled by one or more assistants. The agent is interested in completing the paperwork and collecting the money. Once that is done, his or her job is complete. The agent never goes to the job site to oversee the artist’s performance. In contrast, a good corporate entertainment company takes a full-service approach. In addition to handling the paperwork and financials, staff will control communication and one or more representatives will be present during your event. They can also act as the show’s producer and oversee the rider requirements if the planner or organizer transfers that responsibility to them. Note: The entire obligation to fulfill the rider requirements rests with the event organizer, as the purchaser.

Joshua Jones, director of sales at Painted Desert Gold Club, feels that “using a corporate entertainment company is beneficial.” That’s especially true if you are new to booking name entertainment and have not had the experience of negotiating a rider, he says. “An entertainment company can often negotiate more cost out of riders than the fee that they charge.”

And of course, an entertainment booking agency works with many celebrities and agents regularly, while a planner may only have an occasional need to book one. As a result, the celebrities’ agents have more riding on a deal with an entertainment company that may bring them two, three or 10 engagements a year. “That gives the entertainment booking agency more leverage, and agents will be more flexible in negotiations with them,” Jones says.

For a FREE Event Entertainment Offer Form Template, please click here or click on the man holding the clipboard!

Mark Sonder Productions, Inc. Headline Entertainment and Event Production +1-540-636-1640.


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FREE Offer Form Template

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Joyce Party

August 18, 2012

Performed by Linwood Peel of Linwood Peel’s Stars from The Drifters

Love Train


Up On The Roof

You’ll Never Find

Spanish Harlem

Only You

Sugar Pie

Hot Hot

Stand Be My


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Join Linwood Peel’s Stars from The Drifters and click “like.”

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Hiring Entertainment: 6 Steps That Guarantee You’ll Rock The House

Hiring Entertainment: 6 Steps That Guarantee You’ll Rock The House

Entertainment comes in all varieties, in all languages, and transcends all borders, so booking headline entertainment means making choices from among a vast number of options. For the uninitiated, it can be a crazy and tedious process.


Entertainment comes in all varieties, in all languages, and transcends all borders, so booking headline entertainment means making choices from among a vast number of options. For the uninitiated, it can be a crazy and tedious process.

You must first determine what fits your client’s needs and expectations, based on the event’s goals and objectives. That way you can provide an entertainment management company with an audience profile that helps them find the most appropriate speaker or headline entertainer. Here’s a step-by-step guide to the process.

JoseCid80webSix simple steps to booking
1. Research the needs of the audience and identify the appropriate resources to fill these needs. A keynote speaker should speak to issues that hit home with your target audience and “connect” with them. When it comes to entertainment, be it a soloist, band or stand-up comic, the audience demographic is critical. Typically, the age of the audience plays the largest role, since age tends to dictate music taste.  (See below chart of Genres to consider)

2. Select an artist. This works best if you or your client either select the top five headliners you would like to have appear at your meeting or event, or prepare an approximate budget and category of music/entertainment/speaker to narrow the list of options.

3. Have your agent or corporate entertainment company make a written offer to the artist. Remember, an agent can offer you only the artists on the agency’s roster. If the artists you choose are represented by more than one agency, you must contact more than one agent or just one corporate entertainment company. Key point: It is common to lose headliners when clients are not able to act quickly enough to secure the act. So be prepared and empower your corporate entertainment company to make a reasonably quick decision.

4. If the entertainer accepts the offer, sign a contract for entertainment services. Once the artist accepts your written offer, it is very difficult to turn back. Are you prepared to make a 50 percent deposit when and if a headline entertainer accepts your offer?

5. Secure production for the show or have your corporate entertainment company provide the product and services.

6. Monitor the production process and evaluate the outcomes.

nathanschulhofDuring the selection process, your entertainment company should provide you with not only a list of headliners, but also their picture, biography and possibly their routing information, availability and cost. Your entertainment company can supply the planner with the headliner’s tour history, including venues, and their typical audience size, if applicable, as well as ticket prices.

Genres to consider: The Mark Sonder Productions 20 music formats
• Adult contemporary
• Alternative
• Blues
• Children’s entertainment
• Christian
• Classical
• Comedy
• Country
• Dance
• Folk
• Holiday
• Jazz
• Latin
• Pop
• Reggae
• Rock
• Urban
• Variety
• World music
• ’20s, ’30s, ’40s, ’50s, ’60s, ’70s, ’80s, ’90s, ’00s, ’10s

Mark Sonder Productions, Inc. Headline Entertainment and Event Production +1-540-636-1640

Top, José Cid in concert
Bottom, speaker Nathan Schulhof, inventor of the MP3 Player 

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Celebrity DJs: A DJ is a DJ is a DJ (NOT!)

Celebrity DJs A DJ is a DJ is a DJ (NOT!)

Disc Jockey’s are a universal entity available throughout the globe representing different countries, cultures, languages and diversity.  They can range in price from $500 on up to a 6 digit number!  But is there a real difference in performance, in interactivity with the attendees, in style and in energy?

The answer definitely appears to be a resounding YES!

AndreCarsonMarkWebCase Study: Two weeks ago Mark Sonder Productions, Inc. provided DJ music for a private party in honor of Congressman Andre Carson who is the Co-chair of the 2012 Congressional Black Caucus.  This event took place at The Newseum in Washington DC where Mark Sonder Productions is the preferred entertainment vendor.

Mark Sonder Productions made arrangements with Robert, the event planner, to bring in and setup all the DJ equipment, as well as the sound reinforcement earlier that afternoon.

In a reception lasting 3 hours we offered a “warm-up” DJ.  He was DJ Born.  Guests were arriving and were greeted by his smooth and comfortable music as they were getting acclimated to the vibe in the room while standing on line to receive their food and beverage.

Towards the end of the hour DJ Born, who read the crowd beautifully, continued with his music as the stage area was cleared for the arrival of the Celebrity DJ.  Then, one hour into this event, Mark Sonder took the microphone and introduced from the group Salt-N-Pepa, DJ Spinderella.  The lights went up at the DJ area, she appeared, and immediately ratcheted up the music both in amplitude of sound, on her microphone, and in shear energy while the vibe in the room changed immediately as the attendees started on their own snapping flash photos and shooting videos.  As Mark Sonder was not just the producer of music and entertainment for this event but a witness to the change from one fine DJ to the next, be assured that bringing in a Celebrity DJ, whether Spinderella or someone else will be a positive experience for your attendees, host, and sponsors.  From a spontaneous Meet & Greet to remembering where you were when, to dancing and singing to today’s music to respectful “scratching”, a Celebrity DJ will make all stakeholders be heroes/heroines.

SpinderellaAtWorkWebTo book DJ Spinderella please call:  +1-540-636-1640.

Contact Mark Sonder Productions, your booking agent for corporate, association and incentive events. Call our international management team for production, celebrity entertainment and speaker needs for your next meeting, convention, trade show, exposition or special event. Your Private & Corporate Entertainment Talent and Booking Agency.

For your FREE Event Entertainment Checklist, please click here!


Photos:  Top, Congressman Andre Carson greeting Mark Sonder.  Bottom, DJ Spinderella at work!

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