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On Tour Starting This Summer

On Tour Starting This Summer

“Music is the gel that combines business with entertainment.”

PatMethenySummertime is an opportunity to see and hear your favorite artists when they make their way to your town or country while on tour.  Nothing beats warm weather, cool music, sharing with good friends and meeting new ones all through and because of the vehicle of live music.

Whether it is the ensemble, “Standing In The Shadows: A Tribute to The Four Tops,” touring this July from New Jersey to Washington State in the USA, or two great international stars meeting in Europe as Pat Metheny (composer and guitarist) will be meeting with José Cid (composer, keyboard and vocalist) at the Cool Jazz Festival in Lisbon, Portugal on July 22nd.  Music is the driving force behind people coming together for celebration.

Corporations and associations have known this for a while and use music as a gel that combines business with entertainment, whether after the exposition floor closes or educational sessions are finished, it can be used for networking, dancing or a show.  How do you acquire these fine musicians/entertainers?  One step may be to get them while they are already out on the road. To know these names and possible availabilities is to know who you may acquire for your meetings and events.

Don’t have time to search through thousands upon thousands (and we do mean thousands, seriously) of headline entertainment?  Call today to inquire which artists will be in your area during the time of your upcoming meeting or event. +1-540-636-1640

JoseCidpianoBelow is a short list of artists commencing their tours at this time.

  • Attack Attack! Dates start 07/06/12
  • Ben Vereen Dates start 07/10/12
  • Bob Saget Dates start 07/07/12
  • Coldplay Dates start 07/06/12
  • Diana Krall Dates start 07/07/12
  • Dirty Projectors Dates start 07/10/12
  • Fishbone Dates start 07/08/12
  • Hot Chelle Rae Dates start 07/06/12
  • James Taylor Dates start 07/06/12
  • Neon Trees Dates start 07/09/12
  • NRBQ Dates start 07/11/12
  • Owl City Dates start 07/10/12
  • Roger Waters Dates start 07/06/12
  • Scissor Sisters Dates start 07/06/12
  • The Disco Biscuits Dates start 07/07/12

Photos:  Pat Metheny (top); José Cid (bottom)



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